Our partners

Our research and innovation lead us to establishing partnerships with large and well-known institutions for new technology development.

Our partners network make us competitive and we enjoy high competencies.

We would like to thank our partners for their cooperation, their quality of work and the confidence they give us .


With over 350 laboratories and research units, the Swiss Federal Institute for Technologies (EPFL) is amongst the most innovative and productive institutions in the world.

EDSI-Tech Sàrl is conducting research projects with the EPFL and develops new technologies with the MEDIA research unit .


The University of Applied Science in Western Switzerland (HES-SO) supports knowledge transfer, technology and helps in transfer processes to the industry.

EDSI-TEch Sàrl works in partnership with the Engineering School of Yverdon to improve the MyCity tourism system and other ongoing research projects.

VG Technologies

Established in 1996, VG Technologies is specialised in the study, realisation and management of reliable and secure IT networks.

VG Technologies work in close cooperation with EDSI-Tech Sàrl for the launch of their hosting and web application solutions.


Oppidoc is a software house focused on the delivery of collaborative workflow applications on the web with advanced electronic document authoring and publishing capabilities.

The company develops online content edition systems hand in hand with EDSI-Tech Sàrl, some based on EPFL research projects.

Vaud State

Vaud State finances part of the research conducted at the EPFL and at the HES-SO.

Furthermore, EDSI-Tech Sàrl also gains knowledge and experience directly from the activities developed abroad.


The Swiss Confederation supports R&D, the foundation and development of young companies through the Commission for Technologies and Innovation (CTI).

EDSI-Tech Sàrl receives support from the Swiss Confederation in research projects conducted at the EPFL.