Your requirements are unique, so are our solutions.

Fond of new technologies, we offer innovative products which are at the cutting edge of technology, while remaining easy to use. Young and dynamic, our structure allow us to be flexible and original in the projects we undertake, whether they are modest or more important.

Two friends, Philippe Bonvin and Jonathan Gander realise that their respective websites they are each developing and hosting on their free time are becoming important enough to found a company together. A few other developers also join them in the process.

With the growth of activities, the company becomes a limited liability company (Sàrl).
Following the commercialisation of the first iPhone by Apple, they perform their first mobile development trials.

EDSI-Tech Sàrl moves to the Swiss Federal Institute of Technologies (EPFL) Science Park to benefit from technological synergies, clusters and research partnerships such as with the MEDIA research unit (Models and Environments for Document-based Interaction and Authoring) amongst others.

This year sees the opening of the French branch at Savoie Technolac, in Bourget du Lac. This enables EDSI-Tech Sàrl to develop its activities on the French market.
Aware that technology has little ties with the tourism industy, the team creates a service offering a unique experience to visitors of a region. This is the start of the MyCity system.

Launch of the MyCity tourism statistics system MyCity and commercialisation of the second version of the real estate managing system ImmoTech.

Launch of "Patrimoine", sofware to manage museums collections. Launch of the first part of MyCity websites for Région du Léman.

Launch of a game on the wine. Launch of the second part of MyCity websites for Région du Léman. Launch of MyCity websites for Fribourg Région.

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Philippe BONVIN


BsC in Business computer (engineer)
MsC in IT security
CCNP certified network engineer
IPMA certified project manager
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Jonathan GANDER


Product owner
Ing. B.Sc. in software engineering
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Full-Stack developer

BsC in Computer science (engineer)
MsC in Computer science
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Full-Stack developer

Computer scientist

MsC in Computer science
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Matthieu HOURIET


Computer scientist
BsC in Computer science


Project manager officer

Computer scientist
Certification in project management

Catherine VOUILLOZ

Financial and administrative services