Mobile and internet solution for the tourism sector

MyCity is a solution developed solely by EDSI-Tech Sàrl, since 2011, to answer tourism professionals specific needs.

It is the result of multiple years of research at the EPFL and partnership with many tourism offices.

MyCity breaks down into different tools which are allowing tourism actors to manage tourist informations, to display statistics in real time, or to handle partner's offers. And, on the other, to publish the informations on different supports allowing the recipients to assist their customers in their preparation until the realization of their journey.

MyCity centralizes the data, easing its management, publication, and update. MyCity allows to reduce the time allocated to customers and to reduce printing costs.

EDSI-Tech Sàrl has developped two key and innovative products for it's solution MyCity:

  • The personalized recommender system which allows you to capture your visitors according to multiple criterions.
  • The powerful statistics system which allows you to analyze and understand the behaviour of your visitors thanks to data collected directly on spot.

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We are pleased to work with the following tourist destinations :

EPFLRégion du LémanParc NationalDiableretsJ3L

Differentiate yourself thanks to our innovative systems

Personalized recommendations

Our personalized recommender system is based on algorithms that take into account different environmental variables, the bahivour of the visitor and it's profile. This technology is patented and their algorithms are constantly upgraded thanks to machine learning technologies and data mining.

This system is integrated to our mobile applications and to the MyCiy websites.

Powerful statistics system

Our statistics system, for which the data is collected on the spot, will, on one hand, allow you to analyse the profile of your visitors, their behaviours, and on the other hand, provide you with statistics on our point of interest and tour in real time.

Offer to your visitors

A smart mobile guide

Offer to your visitors an smart mobile guide for your area. Let the application do recommendations to the visitors or suggest them some attractive point of interest thanks to our personalized recommender system. The application is accessible off-line. Your visitors can check in tranquility the informations without being connected.

  • Personalized recommendations
  • Off-line mobile application
  • Multilingual
  • IOS and Android compatibility
  • Directory of points of interest (photo, description, opening hours, address, contact, price)
  • Interactive maps
  • Tours
  • Events
  • Media management
  • Weather
  • Bookmarks
  • Augmented reality
  • And much more ...

We can also develop for you any kind of functionalities. We wokrs alongside you starting from the conception to promotion of your website.

MyCity CMS allows you to edit and manage autonomously your website. The pages can be generated automatically from the centralized database. MyCity CMS is easy to use thanks to its in place edition system.

A website easy to use

Offer your visitors a website containing all the information on your area. Help them plan their visits by presenting your points of interest.

Let the system make recommendations or suggest their attractive points of interest through our system of personalized recommendations.

  • Personalized recommendations
  • POIs Directories (photo, description, opening hours, address, contact details, price)
  • Interactive maps
  • Directions
  • Travel Planner
  • Events
  • Media Management
  • Webcam
  • Forecast
  • Favorites
  • Multi languages
  • And more ...

We can also develop for you all kinds of features. We work with you from design to promote your site

MyCity CMS allows you to edit and manage your website independently. Pages can be generated automatically from the central database. It is easy to use thanks to its publishing system in place.

A guide available on the tourist kiosks

Harness all the potential of toursit kios by allowing your visitors to organize their visiting day.

Your visitors will be able to seek all the informations on the points of interest of your area, to visualize the practical informations: opening hours, tour, and to choose their activities in regards to the weather or to let themselves be guided by personalized recommendations.

The tourst kios are excellent tools for your visitor to organize their vists in a friendly and autonomous manner.

Save time by using

MyCity CRM

MyCity CRM is a customer relationship management software. Easy to set up, it enables you to manage and publish your partners offers, editing and sending newsletters or share from the front-desk of your offices of tourism information to visitors.

MyCity analyse

MyCity analyse is a statistical software developed exclusively by EDSI-Tech Sàrl. It will provide you with additional statistics to "Google Analytics".

This information will allow you to showcase your heritage, to better understand your visitors to respond specifically to their needs, to increase your number of visitors and achieve your goals.

These statistics are presented in the form of graphs, charts and heat maps. They are accessible at all times.

The data is collected anonymously, only the trends are provided. The privacy of users is preserved.

MyCity Région du Léman

Developed hand in hand with the Vaud State Tourism Office, the app helps visitors to choose their activities during their stay thanks to customised advice, thus offering an unique and personalized experience.

Download the application

MyCity Région du Léman

MyCity Gruyère Pays-d'Enhaut

This app was developed hand in hand with the Natural Regional Park, it offers you to follow the "Le Gruyère Via" or "L'Etivaz Via" paths in a fun and interactive way.

Download the application

MyCity Gruyère Pays-d'Enhaut

MyCity Diablerets

Place our smart mobile guide in your pocket and don’t miss out on anything on your trip thanks to notifications and customised recommendations.

Download the application

MyCity Diablerets

BCV Extra

BCV Extra was developed for the "Banque Cantonale Vaudoise", it offer to the BCV Maestro card's holders a leisure programm and discount for the Vaud state.

Download the application

BCV Extra


The MyCity EPFL app will be very useful if you are visiting the EPFL university campus for the first time or if you want to learn more about your future course and study environment.

Download the application


Support and acknoledgement

MyCity is supported by the following etablishment :

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