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EDSI-Tech Sarl offers consulting services and packages to the services already provided to the customer under a separate contract..

Our consulting services apply to two main systems:

  • Linux server administration, sysadmin Linux
  • Development framework of Symfony2

By choosing this offer, you will have the whole EDSI-Tech Sarl team as well as their knowledge at your disposal.

Sysadmin Linux

Using experience gathered since 2010, EDSI-Tech is offering its assistance in sysadmin Linux.

A few examples of possible requests:

  • Install and configuration of reverse proxies
  • Fine configuration & optimisation of performance
  • Monitoring of servers in production
  • Network architecture
  • Server security audits

Consulting Symfony2

EDSI-Tech has developped an unique experience with Symfony2 and has been using this framework since its launch in 2011, our services and experience are at your disposal.

Our consulting services can take many forms, a few examples include :

  • audit of your application, complete or partial
  • analysis and formulation of your recommandations for performance or security
  • code review with your developers to enable improvements in your applications and increases in competencies
  • advice on thearchitecture of your project
  • coaching at the launch of a project to identify sensitive points and to choose the best strategies

Our experts are very comfortable with the framework and many keys of its eco-system.

Different topics include:

  • advanced use of the ORM Doctrine
  • structure one's model by applying the principles of Domain-Driven Design
  • management of rights and permissions thanks to the component of Security
  • good practices and workflows for the implementation of Tests
  • optimisation of performance at different levels of the application

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