EDSI-TechEDSI-Tech Hosting

Cloud hosting for your applications

Whether your application was created by us or by partners, we offer a highly secure hosting service.
We customise our services to suit your needs and we work with your developers for a fast launch.

Our technical infrastructure is entirely owned and managed by EDSI-Tech in two redundants data-centers in French-speaking Switzerland.

Our CDN guarantees very fast loading times for your applications or websites, wherever your visitor may be located.

We also offer customised services for resellers and dedicated servers. Please contact us for more information.

Simple hosting

Disk space10 Go
BandwidthUnlimited, fair use
Additional servicesNone
Technical SupportOnly on the support page of our website
Price per year150 CHF / 150 Euros

Advanced hosting

Disk space50 Go
BandwidthUnlimited, fair use
Additional servicesStatic servers and isolated development servers
Technical SupportBy support tickets or by phone
Price per year300 CHF / 300 Euros

SSL certificate

Price per year200 CHF / 200 Euros

Domain name

ExtensionsMore than 180 extensions
Price per year20 CHF / 20 Euros

CDN distribution

Points of presenceEurope, USA, Asia, Australia,
South America, Africa
offers.cdn.price.name100 CHF / 100 Euros

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

TechnologyKVM on linux
Options on requestManaged server, BGP sessions, 1 Gb/s port, SSD drives, anycast
Priceon demand

Cloud hosting

Domain NameFirst domain included
E-mail addressUnlimited
Aliases and RedirectsUnlimited
FTP AccountsUnlimited
Automated scripts (cron)Unlimited
Webmail and webftpYes
Administration InterfaceYes
Anti-virus and anti-spamYes, with over 90% efficiency
Languages ​​availablePHP 5.5, Python 3, Perl, SSI
Web serversApache and nginx
Cache systemVarnish and Redis
DatabasesMySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite
Detailed statisticsYes, with AWStats
BackupsYes, available for 30 days
TechnologiesIPv6, DNSSec, Load Balancing with failover

Infrastructure and network

Our servers are located in two datacenters in Switzerland.

Our independant network is registered with the AS 202194 and is connected with multiple 1Gb/s links and we are present at the SwissIX.
You can do network tests with our Looking Glass.

Our servers are working on GNU/Linux, are Dell and HP branded, have RAID disks and SSD.

Our 10 Gb/s internal network is Cisco and Juniper branded.
All our PoP are connected together with secure VPN IPSec and high encryption levels (256 bits) connexions.
Our routers have an intelligent response system against potential threats.

Backups are made onsite every hour and offsite every night.
We use the latest technologies such as virtualization, DNSSec and IPv6.

Our CDN is built with cache servers around the world but your data is hosted in Switzerland.

Our CDN has servers all around the world but your data remains hosted in Switzerland.
Our CDN uses the Anycast technology and is registered with the AS 204248.

You will find below a worold map with our PoP: